5 Things to Consider Before Going on Holiday

How well you plan your holiday can have a detrimental effect on how much you enjoy your holiday. Consider the 5 following things when planning a holiday and you can be sure of a hassle free and economical trip. Whether you are staying in your home country or travelling half way across the world these 5 tips will help you have a great holiday, including the journey there and back.
Planning your holiday well in advance will prevent any last minute hiccups, I normally plan my holidays around three months in advance to be sure everything is in place well before I am due to go. The last thing you need is having to rush around at the last minute due to some unforeseen circumstances.
Consider the best time to go to your chosen destination. If you are short on budget and you are planning a holiday to somewhere that is warm in winter then you can be sure to save a good chunk of cash by booking your holiday in the off-season. Avoid the school holidays, this is when the room rates and travel rates will be at their highest.
Finding the cheapest flights can be easy if you know where to look and if you book well in advance. Not only will booking your flights in advance leave you stress free and you won’t have to run around at the last minute but you will also find the best deals.*Bonus Tip* – Use a comparison site on the internet to find the best rates, guaranteed!
When you are packing for your holiday make sure you find out in advance what the maximum weight is for the airport you are travelling from. Never take more than you need, travelling light is always the best way to go. And remember to check and double check your hand luggage, making sure you have everything you will need on the flight to hand such as medication for illness, reading glasses and your mobile phone.
Choosing the right hotel can be difficult, especially if you are heading to some where which has a tourist economy. Top tourist destinations have a huge choice of hotels and the last thing you want to do it book into one which is uncomfortable and you spend every night wishing you had chosen another. The best thing to do is to look up the hotel you are interested in using Google and add the word “review” after it. The most common review sites such as Expedia and Laterooms have hundreds of thousands of reviews for almost every hotel in existenceI hope these 5 tips go some way to ensuring you have a relaxing and trouble free holiday, be sure to check out my other articles for more great hotel, travel and holiday tips.